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To make your journey as comfortable as possible, visit our shops and you will find a wide variety of travel accessories.

TraWell Co offers an "all-in-one" solution for everything related to travel, a place where passengers can meet 100% of their specific needs in preparation for travel.
We offer a wide range of travel products ranging from comfort items (comfortable travel pillows, masks, sanitizing gels, etc.), to luggage security items (padlocks, straps, luggage tags), in addition to trolleys or soft bags in various models and sizes (small, medium or large) and backpacks, as well as various accessories and electronics products that are needed during the trip, such as adapters and cables to recharge digital devices.

Since 2011, when we started selling travel accessories in airports, we have also gained a lot of experience in the retail sector, constantly working to improve our offer that aims to meet the needs of our target customers.

Our Products

Comfort & Care

Feeling comfortable and stress-free during a trip is the goal we aim to offer: a wide choice of comfortable cushions to use both during the trip but also on a daily basis. Different types are available: from inflatable pillows to memory foam pillows to use and choose according to your needs.
We complement the offer with the Virus Free corner with anti-contagion masks, gels and sanitizing wipes. Small and comfortable pouches are also on sale to use in case of need


Never again unprepared!
We believe that the maximum safety of your luggage is achieved by wrapping it with our special stretch film, but we are aware that the perception of maximum security is subjective, therefore we offer a wide range of padlocks and straps to close the suitcases and tags to recognize your baggage.

Bags & Cases

We have two different types of products that allow you to:

  • lighten the weight of the suitcase if it exceeds the limits established by the airline
  • protect fragile objects
  • need to store last minute purchases
  • satisfy their impulse purchases.

You can find trolleys of various sizes and types and travel soft bags.
You can choose what you need at the price you want!

Charging Solutions

Did you notice that you don't have the right adapter for the Country you are going to visit? Have you forgotten your mobile or PC charger?
Don't worry, be happy! We offer items that can let you enjoy a more pleasant and worry-free journey, you can buy the best universal adapters to charge all your electronic devices all over the world.

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