Why is it important to wrap luggage with protective film?

Wrapped luggage offers important benefits in terms of safety and protection.

Everybody at some point encountered travelers at the airport with their suitcase wrapped in protective film and thought it was an improvised remedy for a last-minute discomfort. This might be partly true, but it is not the only reason that pushes people to choose this type of service.

Having your luggage wrapped in film could be perceived as an unnecessary service if you do not know the advantages of the case.

The first reason why it is a good idea to use it is to protect the luggage itself: it is possible to protect the suitcase from dents, accidental breakage of the lock or zip, scratches, adverse weather events, stains, dirt, etc.

Furthermore, luggage wrapped in protective film tends to discourage malicious people due to the intrinsic difficulty of tampering with it and hiding its violation, thus favoring the protection of the contents.

Another reason not to be underestimated is the possibility that strangers from the check-in to the destination may introduce illicit materials (such as weapons, drugs and cash) that would create enormous inconvenience at the destination as they would be difficult to justify at customs controls.

In compliance with European regulations, we use ultra-resistant and 100% recyclable protective films for wrapping luggage, which allow us to meet the increasingly prevalent environmental sustainability needs nowadays.

Having your luggage wrapped is simple and very fast: after having carefully prepared your suitcase in compliance with the weight and dimensions, you can entrust it to us and in 30 seconds we will return it to you ready to leave at check-in without worries.

Finally, the service offers the possibility of obtaining additional benefits, including:

  • the recognition and identifiability of the Baggage through the particular colored film (red for Safe Bag and gray for Care4Bag) and the sticker applied to the luggage;
  • the Active Tracking service in case of loss of Baggage by the air carrier;
  • in the event of delayed delivery of the baggage, a commitment to return it in just 48 hours, otherwise, starting from the 49th hour, a daily refund of € 100 up to a maximum amount of € 1,000;
  • In the event of permanent loss of baggage, you can additionally receive the same amount compensated by the airlines, up to € 4,000;

and numerous other services, which you can easily discover by clicking here.

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