Airport Traffic Trends: A Mid-Year Review by Trawell Co

European Traffic Dynamics

Trawell Co operates in pivotal junctions, specifically within four of Europe’s busiest air passenger countries: France, Italy, Greece, and Portugal. According to data extracted from Eurocontrol, a comparative study between the weeks 23-29 August 2023 and the equivalent week in 2019 suggests a favorable trajectory for Greece and Portugal, with +8% and +6% shifts in Departure/Arrival flights respectively.

Deep Dive: European Figures

Italy’s metrics

Sourced from Assaeroporti, for July 2023 indicates a +3% increase compared to 2019 and a +12.7% compared to 2022. Individual airport figures reveal:

– Bologna: 1,069,874 (+12.5%)

– Cagliari 615,255 +5.5%

– Milano Malpensa: 2,694,731 (+16.4%)

– Milano Linate 870,586 +12.8%

– Olbia 695,943 +4.7%

– Roma Fiumicino: 4,168,324 (+28.3%)

– Venezia 1,190,946 +10.6%

– And several others airports in Italy showcased positive growth trajectories, thanks above to inbound traffic from foreign countries including a strong influx of americans.


As per data from French Airport Guide, also exhibits growth. Some figures include:

– Bordeaux (May): 641,345 (+15.63%)

– Lyon (April): 904,701 (+16.46%)

– Nice (May): 1,394,216 (+15.30%)

– Toulouse (May) 726,704 +3.78%

Portugal’s figures

Sourced from Vinci Airports, include:

– Faro (June): 1,108,687 (+12.8%)

– Lisbon (June): 2,990,942 (+10.10%)

– Madeira (May) 401,064 +10,3%

– Ponta Delgada (May) 253,362 +29.02%

– Porto (Jun) 1,410,778 +15.13%


Specifically Athens as cited from AIA, reported for August: 3,295,440 (+15.5%).

Additional European Indicators

In a broader European context, Zurich airport, as per data from Schengen Visa Info, registered 2.5 million passengers in June 2023, a 20% YoY increase. Other notable figures include Zagreb with 369,493 in July (+12.2%) and Prague with 1,584,341 in July (+16.63%).

America: Miami’s Growth Pattern

Miami provides an insightful analysis of North American air traffic patterns. Statistics from Miami Today News indicate that the airport facilitated 26.2 million passengers in the first half of 2023 alone. This denotes a 2.6% surge from the previous year’s first half. More prominently, a year-on-year examination revealed that 2022 achieved a significant post-Covid recovery, marking a 36% increase from 2021, with a tally of 50,684,396 passengers.

Canadian Insights: Montreal & Vancouver

Canada’s two major airports provide an intriguing narrative. Montreal’s YUL airport, according to Travel Pulse, logged 5.3 million passengers in Q2 of 2023. When juxtaposed with 2022, there’s a notable 32.9% increment. Additionally, this figure translates to 106.1% of 2019’s traffic for the same period. Meanwhile, Vancouver, as per statistics by the Vancouver Airport Authority, registered 11.7 million passengers in the initial half of 2023, of which June accounted for 2.23 million.

South American Pivot: Lima

Shifting focus to South America, Lima airport in Peru, reported by Fraport, serviced approximately 1.9 million passengers in July 2023, recording a 13% growth.


Drawing from these statistics, it is evident that the first half of 2023 portrays a positive trajectory in air traffic, especially within the airports where Trawell Co operates. This data-driven insight provides investors in Trawell Co, an analytical overview in connection with the financial information on the first half of 2023, which will be released on September 28.

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